The Services That We Provide

Complete Excavating Capabilitiesexcavatingservices

The crew at Chute Construction is ready to handle anything they might encounter on a job site.  That includes inevitable surprises during new housing excavations, demolition work or during excavating for additions. Chute’s excavators are equipped with a rototilt system allowing for tight access grading and excavating. With the rototilt system, most jobs can be completed using only one machine.

Chute’s provides rough grading, final grading, fill removal, complete site preparation and designing services. They also dig ponds.  Chute Construction is also the company to call for expertise in designing and installing septic systems.

Armour Stone Landscaping Installation

armourstonesFor the last two decades Chute Construction has worked hand in hand with landscapers and property owners in installing natural armour stones.  The large, earth toned garden rockery weighing as much as one to five tons, have been carefully placed at a number of the area’s custom estate homes and commercial properties. Each decorative, rugged and weathered landscaping rock is unique and can come in an unusual mossy or fossilized state. Armour stones, harvested from Northern Ontario, are ideal for planter beds, for building decks, walk outs, retaining walls, shoreline protection and erosion. They’re also great for evening out tricky sloped areas and a multitude of other landscaping uses.

Demolition and Deforestationdemolition

Smaller lots wedged between two other buildings might be challenge for a crane operator, but that’s not an issue with the rototilt system. The rototilt also comes in handy when working to contain demolition materials following a fire. In fact, Chute Construction is often in called in to assist the Fire Marshall’s office. “We’ll get the call and they’ll want a machine on site right then,” says Tim. The rototilt eliminates the need for a swinging crane and allows sensitive areas to be contained more easily.

Meantime, if you need a fence row, tree line or bush lot cleaned up, Chute construction can handle that for you too.

Trucking of Gravel, Sand and Fill fill

Need a supply of gravel? How about some top soil or sand fill?  Or maybe you need to have some fill removed or disposed of right away. The Chute Construction trucks can often provide same day service. They’ll work with private home owners and business alike, to answer any soil or gravel hauling needs. 

Drainage and Grading

If there’s a drainage problem it`s more often than not, Chute Construction that gets the call. If gradingwater seepage or a leaky basement is an issue, the Chute team can re-grade the property or cut swales to create proper drainage. With all of their experience and expertise, they have the answers for ponding solutions and drainage issues.

Meantime, if it’s a new parking lot you need or if an existing lot needs repair, they can fully grade and prepare the area. They also provide full preparation for loading docks and they’ll even fix those pesky pot holes.


  • Cat 320D Excavator
  • Ontrac 410J Front End Loader
  • International TD15
  • Cat 318C Excavator
Cat 320D Excavator1 Ontrac 410J Front End Loader2 International TD153 Cat 318C Excavator4


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